Let’s Make Everyday Magical

Photo by Troy Fisher

I don’t live very far from Walt Disney World, but my current daily life doesn’t allow for many quick trips to my happy place. My ultimate goal is to become a Disney insider one day, but for now I plan to inspire others through my own daily magic.

How can you add a little Disney magic to your daily life? We all have our favorite movies, songs and also coffee mugs that add that extra magic to our days. I decided to create a fashionable scene from “Alice in Wonderland” wearing a Cheshire Cat top from Disney Boutique, a Cheshire Cat bow from Hot Topic and vintage Cheshire Cat cat toy from Walt Disney World circa 2008. I may not have the back drop of Cinderella’s Castle or Alice in my picture, but it was fun to create a little magic on my own.

I invite you all to share your magical photos and stories with me. How do you create a little Disney magic in your daily life? I will feature your story and photos on my blog, Instagram and Twitter.

You can email me at tara.fisher05@yahoo.com with your story and photos.  You can also use #dailydisneymagic to have your photos featured on my Instagram and Twitter.





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