What’s Your Fandom?

Photo by Troy Fisher

We are all a fan of something. We all have a common interest with someone or something. There are people who are sports fans. They live and breathe for their teams each season. You will see these fans proudly display their team of choice on their license plate or have flags hanging from their homes. Fandom is a sense of community.

Fandom gives us passion to connect with others. It helps us talk to strangers, and it makes us feel like we are not alone in the world. There are other people who enjoy Netflix marathons of “Supernatural” as much as I do. I have been part of the fandom world for as long as I can remember.


Photo by Tara Fisher


It was hard growing up because I was never the fan of what was popular. I had to work hard to find my community. There was no internet or social media. I only had a few friends who shared in my crazy obsessions. We did not have to luxury of following our favorite movie stars on Twitter; instead we had to write fan mail. We waited for months to become part of fan clubs so we could receive updates and autographs. We spent countless hours at Books- A -Million searching through every “Bop” magazine to get the best picture of Justin Timberlake during the *N Sync years. We plastered our walls with posters of our favorite movie or music stars. We would talk for hours on the phone and tell fan fiction stories to each other. Being part of a fandom during my teenage years saved my life. It kept me away from drugs, sex and all the potential bad things that can happen during the teenage years. I was less depressed because I knew I had something more in my fandom.

I am in my early thirties now. I am married, and I have a husband who supports my love for all entertainment fandoms. I love being part of TWDFamily and the SPNFamily. Disney has been part of my life since 1989, and it continues to grow. Comic books are an equal love my husband and I share. I thrive off of creatively and compelling storylines and that is what keeps me going each and every day. I have the ultimate dream that I can create a fandom to entertain others for a lifetime.


Author: Tara Fisher

Disney is my life. I am also the Mother of Pugs.

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