Your Welcome “Moana”


Disney did it again. They have created another story that will live within our hearts forever.

“Moana” is a simple tale of a young woman searching for her place in the world. Moana is destined to be the next Chief of her people, but the sea is calling for her.  She quickly learns that she must find Maui, the demigod, to restore balance to her land.

Disney crafted a well animated film filled with culture. Moana is driven because of her values and her passion for her people. I have always admired Disney for researching their films to the fullest to reflect different cultures.

The musical numbers are excellent. “How Far I’ll Go” is the new “Let It Go.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “Your Welcome” is a catchy upbeat song that will keep you singing as you leave the theater.

The message that we can all take from this film is that we are not meant to stay complacent. We have to always keep searching for our calling in the world. We may be happy where we are, but we have not reached our full potential if we don’t keep moving forward.

I highly recommend going to see this film more than once!

I leave you all with one name: Hei Hei. Trust me you will understand once you see the film!


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