Travel Series Restaurant of the Week: Al Salaam Deli

Photo by Tara Fisher

There are many different restaurants in my hometown that I fail to explore. I typically have my normal spots that I like to go to because I know I can never go wrong with my choices. Well, what kind of life is that if I keep eating and going to the same restaurants? I need to expand my food horizons, so I am going to start highlighting my new food adventures.

I was craving Greek food, so instead of going to Gyro Wraps I tried a local restaurant called Al Salaam Deli. They specialize in Middle Eastern cuisine and have been in the Savannah, Georgia area for over 15 years. So, for 15 years I’ve been going to Gyro Wraps instead of supporting a wonderful local business.

When I walked into the restaurant, I was immediately welcomed by two gentlemen. I placed my order for the lamb gyro, and was told to make myself comfortable. The restaurant is also a small grocery store, with different Middle Eastern foods and spices. There is a wall of National Geographic covers circling around. I asked one of the employees if they collected all of the magazines. He explained that he’s been collecting National Geographic magazines since black and white cover editions. The restaurant is so popular that actor Liam Hemsworth came in earlier as he was scouting for local areas for his film. I missed a Hemsworth by a few minutes, dang it!

Photo by Tara Fisher

My food came out hot and ready, and I was quite pleased. The lamb was very tender on the warm pita bread. The gyro was not covered with too much tzatziki, it was just right. I finished my meal, and was not rushed out like at some restaurants. It was a refreshing experience to have authentic food in my own backyard. It made me realize how much we need to support local business because they truly care about the customer experience and their product.

I give Al Salaam Deli 5 out of 5 stars and would definitely return in the future!


A New Adventure Awaits 

Photo by Tara Fisher


Next week I am setting out on a new adventure. This will be the first time I will be going somewhere non Disney related in three years. I am traveling up to Pennsylvania and Ohio to see relatives. It will be interesting because I will get to see a different culture, and hopefully find some Disney treasures along way! Please follow along on my Instagram page as I share my adventure next week! I also have interesting ideas that I plan to share with you once I return from my trip. Please stay tuned and thank you all!

Stay Magical,


One Year Celebration!

Tara Fisher 

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Today marks the official one year anniversary of Tantalizing and Tangled! Thank you for all the love and support over the past year. It’s not easy running a blog and having a full time job, but you all keep me going. Over this past year, I have learned to not give up on my dreams. It may take forever to reach them, but as long as I keep swimming miracles will happen.

What would you like to see in the coming year?

  • A Disney inspired apparel shop?
  • The endless novels I need to finish?
  • The launch of my social media marketing business?

I am all ears for new ideas! Thank you for all the comments, likes and follows! It means the world to me!

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